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Factors to Consider When Scheduling an International Deposition

Factors to Consider When Scheduling an International Deposition

Time zone differential between all parties and locations involved
Simply scheduling phone tasks can take several days when you are dealing with another country that is on a 12 hour time differential.

Climate or weather can create a number of problems for depositions
You can experience challenges from a severe thunderstorm as it may impact the quality of a video conference because of the quality in technologies in the area.

News and events in the area
Make sure you are aware of any conflicts or incidents that might impact your deposition.

Holidays that could interfere with the deposition
Be aware of their holiday calendars or social events that may be occurring around your deposition.
This can impact local travel or accommodations in a number of ways too.

Unwilling witness vs. willing witness
Make sure that your witness is a willing witness.

Don’t just get a translator, make sure you have a GREAT translator.
You should always get guidance to ensure you have a great interpreter for your proceeding.

Are you video conferencing?
You need to test your connections 3 days ahead of time…remember the time changes and how that will impact your ability to communicate.

Communication systems
What capabilities do they have in place?

Cancellation policies
These are very time and cost sensitive so be aware.


Equipment and services necessary to conduct business; i.e. fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners.
Their business hours may not be our business hours. People often leave at 4pm in many countries.
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