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Legal Video Services

Hong Kong Video Deposition Experts

Video ConferenceIf you are taking depositions in Hong Kong you should really consider having them video taped as well. The video can help impact the jury by letting them see and hear the witness’s body language, facial expressions and overall attitude during the testimony. Olender Legal Solutions & Reitz Worldwide offers qualified legal videographers in Hong Kong who employ the best technology, such as state of the art 3-CCD cameras and recording equipment. We will provide you with a digital copy of your deposition and we can offer to sync your deposition with the transcript and export it to any litigation support software. Call Reitz Worldwide locally at 3008 5710 or toll free at (855) 734-8999 to schedule your Hong Kong videotape deposition.

Hong Kong Video Conference Video Depositions

Reitz Worldwide specializes in the latest technologies that can help you acheive your deposition needs. If your Hong Kong video deposition requires both video conferencing and a videographer to record your deposition, we are able to provide this service and can ensure a semless successful video conference video deposition in Hong Kong.

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