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Court Reporters in Hong Kong

Local court reporters based in Hong Kong. Olender Legal Solutions & Reitz Worldwide deliver expert court reporters, video deposition services and video conferencing services in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. Do you have questions regarding the process of taking depositions in Hong Kong? Please call us or email us and we are happy to help. Hong Kong is a great city and we will provide great staff to support your depositions or arbitrations here.

2/F Shui On Centre
6-8 Harbour Road, WanChai
Hong Kong Island
+852 3008 5710

Video Conferencing Depositions in Hong Kong

We get many requests for video conferencing services for depositions in Hong Kong. Our facility has video conferencing and our team can also bring video conferencing equipment to other locations throughout Hong Kong for depositions.

Experienced LiveNote Court Reporters in Hong Kong

Attorneys in the U.S. and abroad take advantage of our LiveNote Streaming capabilities. Rather than traveling days on end and having to adjust to time zone changes, we can stream the video and text of depositions to their offices. This saves on cost and the time to travel all the way to Hong Kong. Give us a call at our local Hong Kong number 3008 5710 or our toll free number 855-734-8999 to schedule your international court reporter, legal videographer, interpreters, or video conference.

Hong Kong Video Conferencing 

Save your time, money, and hassle—without compromising the power of face-to-face meetings—by taking advantage of the video conferencing locations provided by Reitz Worldwide in Hong Kong and worldwide. With state of the art facilities and equipment, Reitz Worldwide is able to deliver secure, TV quality video conferencing for depositions, interviews, or any meeting in which participants are not local. You are able to have all the variables seamlessly coordinated and controlled quality to the highest standards. Reitz Worldwide manages it all for you, from coordinating the video conference logistics to providing the onsite service delivery.